- Knots and Knot Folk - Seen at IGKT-NAB 2003 - Newport News VA, USA -
What a great time, thanks to all who were there and to those who made the event possible!

Posted by donb. 10/2003

The shots below are one-quarter of the resolution of the originals... I tried to find a way to get a full-sized version (2288x1712) of each image onto my web server, but as I pay for hosting space and they are huge even when compressed, It didn't happen. If you are interested in a specific full-size one or a few for reprints, send me and e-mail at donb AT donb DOTcom and I'll see what I can do. NOTE: be sure to include IGKT-NAB in the subject line as I'll need to be able to spot it among the flood of spam.

I have gone to efforts to remove last names from any nametags to respect the privacy of individuals. If you would like your photo removed for any reason, please advise. As above, please e-mail me, but be sure to include IGKT-NAB in the subject line.